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          Contact address: No. 68, Wenzhou Road, building No. six

          WMTG-1000 Methanol Aromatization Catalyst

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          The company provides a fixed bed of methanol aromatization production of gasoline blending components of the catalyst and complete sets of technology. The main principle is that methanol dehydration under the action of acidic catalyst to produce completely non-oxygen-containing hydrocarbons:
          1, methanol dehydration to produce dimethyl ether;
          2, methanol or dimethyl ether dehydration to produce olefins;
          3, the final olefin through polymerization, cyclization, hydrogen transfer and a series of reactions into aromatics and alkanes.
          Due to the pore control and shape selection of the molecular sieve catalyst, the carbon atoms of the hydrocarbons produced in the above reaction are mainly concentrated between C5 and C10, which meet the basic requirements of gasoline fractions and can be used directly as gasoline or as an oil route Refine the use of excellent oil for gasoline.
          The above reaction at the same time by-product of C3 ~ C4 hydrocarbons, after separation, this part of the product can be used as liquefied petroleum gas. The above reaction produces a small amount of methane and ethane at the same time. This part of the product is very small and can be used as a fuel for the production process.
          WMTG-1000 methanol gasoline catalyst in methanol conversion has good reactivity, selectivity and strong resistance to carbon deposition, with a long one-way life.
          Table WMTG-1000 Methanol Gasoline Physical and Chemical Indicators
          Project  Indicators
          Specific surface, m2/g ≥280
          Crushing strength,  N/cm ≥90
          Shape,   Stripes
          Size, (diameter × length)mm φ2~3×5~8
          Bulk density, g/cm3 0.70±0.10