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          HPS-02 hydrodesulfurization catalyst

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          Coking gasoline and diesel fractions, often containing a small amount of silicon-containing defoamers. When this silicon-containing raw material is processed, on the one hand, silicon is deposited on the surface of the hydrogenation catalyst, covering the active center of the catalyst, clogging the catalyst's pores, resulting in a large loss of pore capacity and specific surface area of the catalyst, thereby reducing catalyst activity; On the one hand, after the silicon penetrates the hydrogenation catalyst bed, if it enters the downstream reforming reactor, it will also lead to permanent deactivation of the reforming catalyst.
          HPS-02 hydrodesulfurization catalyst, is a company equipped with a hydrogenation of olefins and better capacity of silicon capacity of the new hydrogenation capacity of the catalyst. The agent has a large pore volume, specific surface area, high wear resistance; can be used as a hydrotreating catalyst pretreatment protective agent, can also be filled in the main catalyst between the top and the ball between the ball, remove the hydrogenated feedstock oil Residual silicone (defoamer) to achieve the purpose of protecting the hydrogenation catalyst, extending the service life of the hydrogenation catalyst and reducing the operating costs. The agent has been used in Zhenhai Refining and Chemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Huizhou Refining and Chemical Equipment, etc., to achieve better desiliconization effect.
          The Main Properties of HPS-02 Silica Hydrogenation Catalyst

          project Index Analytical method
          shape Three or four grasses; hollow   
          Size,mm F(2.0~3. 5)×(3~10) Caliper
          Mechanical strength,N/cm ≮100 Progressive strength meter
          Bulk density,g/ml 0.50~0.60  Measuring method