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          Contact address: No. 68, Wenzhou Road, building No. six

          Product details

          RGW-1/2 light hydrocarbon non-hydrogen modified catalyst
          RGW-1 / RGW-2 light hydrocarbon non-hydrogen modified catalyst, is developed by the Institute of Petrochemical Science and Technology in a non-hydrogen conditions, straight-run gasoline, coking gasoline, reforming head oil, oil Light hydrocarbon, condensed oil, cracked carbon four, ether carbon four and ethylene-rich dry gas as raw materials (either a single raw material can also be mixed), through the heterogeneous, cyclization, And other reactions, the production of low-sulfur low olefins high-octane gasoline blending components and high-quality liquefied gas catalyst. According to the user's product requirements, can be produced octane number of 85-93 high octane gasoline blending components, or the production of aromatic hydrocarbons. At the same time, its associated with liquefied petroleum gas in the olefin content, can be used as high-quality car liquefied gas or ethylene cracker. The technology is more suitable for refiners with insufficient capacity or insufficient hydrogen source for oil refineries and oil fields. The technology and catalyst have been identified through the Sinopec technology, and access to scientific and technological progress awards. The catalyst has more than 30 sets of equipment has been successfully applied.
          The main properties of the modified catalyst RGW-1 / RGW-2 are as follows:
          Project Index
          Than the surface,m2/g ~300
          shape White stripes
          尺寸,(直徑×長度)mm φ2~3×3~5
          Crushing strength,N/cm ~90
          Bulk density,g/cm3 0.70±0.05
          airspeed 0.3-1.0h-1